Robin Riker A Survivor’s Guide to Hollywood

Robin Riker is a longtime working actor who has experienced all the joys, frustrations and disappointments that carving out a profession in Tinseltown requires. She showed up with $45 in her wallet, a headshot and a free place to stay, Within three months, she’d landed an agent, a feature story on a popular TV magazine show about her quest for a career, a guest starring role on a new series and another part as sexy, young Nurse Perry on the iconic series Mash.

Using humor and candid, personal experience, Robin Riker takes us into the trenches of an actor’s day-to-day existence inthe extreme, emotional environment that is Hollywood. She does so from the perspective of an actor who knows the paths and is still walking them. A SURVIVOR’S GUIDE TO HOLLYWOOD contains information that no agent tells you and no acting class reveals:

A good headshot is important but what do you do when jealousy, ego and comparing your accomplishments to others’ threatens to undermine your confidence?

An acting class can give you a sense of community in the competitive stew that is Hollywood but watch out for the acting coach as ‘guru.’

Beware the Soul Eaters. How to tell ‘Hollywood’ friends from real ones?

This book is filled with practical information new arrivals to Hollywood might not learn for years if left to their own devices. And it offers reminders and encouragement for veterans in the biz who often forget their own remarkable accomplishments because of all the psychological, superficial and vanity-saturated noise that fills the air here in the Woods of Holly.

Most important, this book contains a real, workable, and joy-filled philosophy that can help support an artist’s life both practically and metaphysically. As Riker puts it, “You may be beautiful, you may be talented but your state of mind is the most important tool you have in this town.”

The stories and advice in Survivors Guide apply not just to Tinseltown but to life far beyond the world of auditions, callbacks and red carpets. Anyone hoping to pursue a dream or embark on a new journey in their lives will find plenty to support and encourage them in this joyful and creative book.